Concrete Resurfacing

If you have a concrete driveway or concrete patio in Denver, then you probably know what spalling or chipped concrete looks like. These types of concrete damage are caused by Colorado’s severe freeze and thaw cycles, not to mention here in Denver mag-chloride and other snow melting products can really erode the surface of concrete. Once this process begins it only worsens.

If the concrete is in decent shape than it could be a candidate for concrete resurfacing. Concrete resurfacing or a concrete overlay is much thriftier than having to tear out and replace your concrete driveway or patio. It is important to note that concrete resurfacing is cosmetic and it is impossible to know how long an overlay will last. 

So, the success of your new overlay completely depends on the preparation of the existing concrete as well as the installation of the overlay. We have seen overlays last 10 or more years if it was installed correctly.

In most cases an overlay will freshen the look of your concrete and will provide a functional and durable surface; however, this is a very important HOWEVER, it is important, it is mission critical that the base or the existing concrete be prepared correctly. If you do not properly clean and prepare the existing concrete, adhesion of the new overlay will not happen.

If you haven't already, make certain to click on the images to the left! You can see a huge difference between the before and after images.

Process for Concrete Resurfacing

We start by power washing the existing concrete with a very high-powered wash, then with detergent and rinse. After a thorough power wash we grind the surface of the existing concrete. We are removing all of the crumbling and failing concrete, we are looking to bring this concrete back to a solid and very stable condition. Once the concrete has been ground down, we go back to power washing again. Making certain to remove all dust and debris that we can from the existing surface.
This process of cleaning the existing concrete is tedious and in some cases can take over a day to complete. This of course depends on the square footage or size of the project being completed. It is very important that great care is taken in cleaning the existing concrete. When DenverConcrete Inc. is completing an overlay, our project managers will come back and clean and clean until everything looks perfect. Then clean again. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is that the existing concrete be very clean before applying the next step of the concrete resurfacing process.

After we are certain that we have ground down all the failing concrete and obtained the cleanest possible surface, we treat the concrete with epoxy. This is where many concrete resurfacing companies fail. Using an epoxy sealant for the overlay to adhere to. This is where our overlay or concrete resurfacing really differentiates us from our competitors. This epoxy application will give the overlay stronger adhesion with the underlying surface so that the new overlay is just as strong as the original surface when it was poured perhaps even stronger.

Lastly, the overlay is applied. For rougher surfaces there might be a slurry coat (in order to fill in small voids from spalling or chipping) which will be applied (1/16”) and finished with a broom finish. If a slurry coat was applied there will need to be an additional top coat applied. 

After the overlay has cured, best to wait overnight in most cases, it is important to come back and seal the new overlay. The sealant is important as it protects the overlay from the elements. Denver Concrete Inc applies 2 coats of the sealant with all resurfacing projects. 

That is it! Your new overlay is complete and you can once again enjoy your beautiful concrete. There is nothing worse than coming home to a war zone, spalling and chipping concrete is not only annoying but it is UGLY.

Before you commit to an overlay it is very important that you consult with a concrete expert about the condition of your current concrete. While an overlay or resurfacing damaged concrete is cheaper than tearing out and replacing concrete, it needs to be practical. Nobody wants to go the hassle of installing a new overlay only to be disappointed in a couple of years.


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